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Burn away bullshit narratives.

Locate your new North Star.

And empower the woman you're becoming
in the second half of your life!

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You're a heart-centered mother of teens, tweens, and/or young adults who's been around the block a few (hundred) times.

You've got a wide range of life experiences under your belt, you know yourself well, and you can even claim hard-earned wisdom in a subject or two.

Doodle of a wise owl

But you're facing a whole new set of challenges and stressors at this stage in your journey:

  • Your kids aren't kids anymore, and the complexity and urgency of their needs is a whole new level of overwhelming (and sometimes terrifying).
  • You're bored by "mom talk" with younger friends, and wish more people were honest and open about the mindfuckery of middle-motherhood.
  • Your cycles are starting to change, and it's getting harder to predict whether you'll feel energetic and optimistic or sad and rage-y from one day to the next.
  • Grief is a near-constant companion for you as you anticipate (or become accustomed to) your nest being empty.
  • Your body is changing a lot and you're not proud of how much this bothers you.
  • You wonder on the daily which suboptimal new realities you can change and which ones you just have to accept.
  • You're starting to feel less relevant and desirable with every plucked chin hair, increased pant size, and muscle pulled doing absolutely nothing strenuous at all.
  • You're starting to think more and more about the things you haven't yet done with your life, and wondering what's most essential to prioritize before more time passes.
  • You know you're not old yet, but you're even more clear that you're no longer young.
  • You aren't sure where to talk about all of these things, and who will even "get" you.
Thought bubble

And, you often find yourself thinking...

“All those years of nurturing, tending, and sacrificing for others, and my reward is perimenopause?!"

It's not just you, friend, and it's not just perimenopause. You're not behind in life, you're not doing middle-age wrong, and it's not all downhill from here (unless that's the story you want to tell).

What you're actually facing is an invisibilized rite of passage.

I created Wild + Wise to guide you through this rite of passage alongside other passionate, intentional, middle-aged mothers who want to live more beautiful empowered lives, and co-create a more beautiful, empowering narrative than the overculture offers us.

Doodle of a crown

I invite you to say yes to what could be the most fulfilling, juicy, aligned phase of your life (assuming you break free from the bullshit narratives that lead millions of women into more disempowerment, insecurity, and irrelevance the older they get).

Let's make this rite of passage visible and well-supported, together!

What is this invisibilized rite of passage you speak of, Beth?

You've probably heard of the progression from maiden to mother to crone. Well, there's an absolutely vital stage of development missing from this timeline.

It's supposed to look like this:

Maiden > Mother > Wild + Wise Woman > Crone progression

And if you've read this far, it's likely that you are right in here somewhere.

Circles that show Mother > Wild + Wise Woman progression

I'm guessing you've already noticed, but society conditions us to look and act like Maidens (bounce back!) while holding all the responsibilities and invisible labor of the Mother (be everything for everyone but rarely get credit for it!).

The only thing we're shown beyond the Mother is wrinkled, irrelevant, old women who either get plastic surgery and color their grays, or "let themselves go."

But not only is this an utterly inaccurate depiction of the crone--stripping her of her power and her value to society--it also erases perhaps the most beautiful, exciting, and empowering phase of all.

Allow me to introduce you to the Queen, herself:
The Wild + Wise Woman

You may be sensing her within when...

  • You know who you are and you aren't afraid to be your authentic self.
  • You're clear on the medicine and magic you have to offer the world.
  • You know your worth, and you know you're worthy of a rich, fulfilling life.
  • You're radically discerning and have a strong bullshit detector.
  • You source your power from within and through the security of true belonging.
  • You're not afraid to set boundaries, let go, or express big emotions.
  • You have healthy habits in place that support your deepest desires and core values.
  • You have a relationship with grief and see it as a guide and an ally.
  • You know your limitations and aren't afraid to ask for support and mentorship when needed.
  • You are generative, creative, and self expressive, and you use your gifts to better the world.

The fact that THE most powerful stage of a woman's life is missing from most every modern cultural narrative is deeply damaging to our sense of self as women and a massive loss to the world.

The initiation into the Wild + Wise Woman is a critical part of our maturation journey.

Society desperately needs more truly mature humans in the world and more healthy, self-actualized women in positions of leadership (even if that's within your own home).

So, what exactly is Wild + Wise? 

Wild + Wise is a 6-week initiatory journey for mature mothers who desire a connected, supported rite of passage into the Wild + Wise Woman archetype so that they can cut through cultural conditioning much faster, allowing them to live, love, lead and rest in their second half of life with as much alignment, empowerment, joy, and ease as possible.

You'll walk away with language, clarity, tools, and bonds with other soulful middle-aged mothers who also desire a more meaningful life and who feel called to co-create a more beautiful world together.


We'll journey together through 3 powerful steps:


Cut through the fog, burn away the bullshit, and face your fears

In this step, we'll speak truth to the many hidden cultural messages keeping us distracted, insecure, and disempowered as mothers in midlife, then work with the understandable fears that come up when we imagine breaking free from these life-draining, wisdom-blocking rules, agreements, and narratives. We've been so thoroughly brainwashed about aging, about what makes us worthy, and about how and where to source our power in this culture. We're misled everywhere we turn by bullshit anti-aging promises that don't actually slow the aging process (though they can slow our emotional and spiritual maturation processes).


Learn the language of the Wild + Wise Woman

Next, we'll learn new language to you help navigate this massively important and massively misrepresented phase of life, and open yourself more fully to what you're going through supported by empowering frameworks, refined priorities, and other women navigating this phase right alongside you. We'll get intimate with the Wild + Wise Woman archetype including her often bold invitations, the essential tasks of this messy and overwhelming phase, and the initiations that are all-too-often missed or misunderstood as midlife crises or hormonal meltdowns.


Open to the gifts of midlife, step into your power, and define your new North Star

Then, we'll paint a picture of what's possible and hone in on your unique strengths, needs, and desires. You'll come away better understanding what's meant for you and what's not, how to make decisions from a soulful, aligned place, reassurance that you are so not alone, and a sense of your new North Star (one you couldn't possibly have seen or defined for yourself in the first half of your life). This process will not only better your life today, but it will help prepare you for eventual true eldership, instead of the resentment, strained relationships, regret, and unrealized dreams that our unhealthy culture sets us up for.

This is not an overwhelm-you-with-information kind of course that will end up in your online course graveyard...

It's a container for empowered midlife maturation in a world that banks on you striving for perpetual youth instead of coming into your wholeness as a well-supported, clear-sighted, and open-hearted
Wild + Wise Woman.

How does Wild + Wise work? 

(6) Live, 90-minute, weekly teaching/coaching calls with Beth
from April 4 - May 9
Thursdays at 2-3:30pm EST

(Calls will be recorded and replays made available)

Weekly curriculum + tools to help you digest and integrate the material

A Voxer group for building connections and supporting one another between calls and beyond

An exclusive invitation to our in-person retreat in July

(our theme this year just so happens to be Rewilding!)

I'm Beth Berry,
and I'm a perimenopausal
woman + mother who loves her life.

I’m also someone…

…who cries frequently over my almost-empty nest,

…who is seven years divorced (and now in a beautiful, super healthy relationship),

…who waffles back and forth between following my many passions and slowing down so serenity can catch up to me again,

…who has kickass boundary setting skills and deep self-compassion,

…and who would rather live a messy, authentic life than a polished, fake one.

I don’t think loving your life has much at all to do with getting it all “just right,” but with knowing yourself well, tending to your needs, building nourishing relationships, healing your wounds, regulating your nervous system, and daring to shine your unique light.

Beth Berry and her four daughters

I led my first women's circles as a La Leche League leader over 20 years ago. Those were the days when I was dripping with little girls (they're now 17, 19, 23, and 29), drowning in idealism, and broke af, but I also had loads of energy, and was hellbent on changing the world.

Today, I move more slowly, I take lots of naps, and I’m usually nursing a workout-related injury or two. Changing the world feels exhausting and gross/savior-y to me, so instead, I’m working toward being the healthiest, most wholehearted version of myself I can be and trusting the ripples from that intention will be what they’re meant to be.

Beth Berry smiling at a healing arts retreat
Cover art of the book Motherwhelmed

I've led more than 30 year-long women's groups and 13 retreats, designed and taught many courses (all for mothers devoted to growth and healing), written a book about the intersection of idealism, personal growth and motherhood (Motherwhelmed), and grown an amazing community of changemaker mothers at all stages of the maturation journey. 

I wholeheartedly reject the deeply disempowering cultural narratives about modern motherhood, womanhood, and especially middle-aged womanhood that are all around us, and I’m committed to co-creating a new narrative alongside mothers who, like me, want and feel worthy of so much more (and also really love naps).


Handwritten name "beth"

Exclusive early bird bonus!
The first 20 people who sign up get a free one-on-one North Star Clarifier call with me!

Wild + Wise may be for you if...

  • You're craving change, but you're afraid to make changes because the path ahead of you feels foggy and you really don't have time to waste.
  • You want to make sure you're becoming the woman your teens and adult children need you to be.
  • You're having a hard time discerning what will actually help you feel better and what is simply distracting you from the discomfort of the maturation process.
  • You're starting to notice just how much "thought leadership" is coming from folks with black and white, not-very-nuanced, young-seeming perspectives.
  • You deeply desire both greater simplicity and more excitement in your life, which makes you wonder if you're actually losing your mind.
  • You no longer want to be good at all the things. You're much more interested in developing mastery in one or two things.
  • You're not in your crone years, but becoming a wise elder is really important to you. You're somewhere on the wisdom trail and want to keep going.
  • You finally have access to the full range of emotions, and rage, grief, and annoyance are especially present for you these days.
  • You're starting to give way less fucks about things that you once felt you had to focus on or should care about.

Wild + Wise is not for you if...

You've only recently begun your personal growth journey and/or your kids are still young. To get the most from this program and contribute the most to the group, you should be nearing or in your 40's (or beyond) and/or at least one of your kids should be middle-school aged or older (of course, there are exceptions - some of us enter the Wild + Wise woman earlier than others, for many reasons). If you're still in the trenches with little kids and/or you're early in your growth and healing process, MotherWorthy may be a better fit for you, and that program starts in September of each year.

You're simply looking for a place to vent and affirm your victimhood.

You're wanting a passive learning experience. Wild + Wise is for people who are serious about coming together to co-create a new narrative for themselves and for society, which necessitates sharing our stories and daring to be seen.


Wild + Wise runs from
April 4 through May 9, 2024
and meets on Thursdays at 2-3:30pm EST

Two payment options are available:

$597 Pay-in-full

2 payments of $325

*The last day to sign up is Tuesday, April 2.


Money-back guarantee

If, after the first call, you decide Wild + Wise isn't for you, simply let us know and we will issue you a full refund.

*Monday, April 8, 2024 is the final day for refunds.

Doodle of a crown


I love being a mother. Will this exploration guide me away from the Mother archetype?

Don't worry, this rite of passage doesn't require that you relinquish or even minimize the Mother (we need her too!), it simply invites you to expand and make room for what's next. Capitalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy depend on us never maturing, and the way society is structured, it's really easy to get stuck in the Mother archetype exclusively (while trying to forever look like Maidens, of course). Without villages, elders, and apprenticeships, and with the million distractions and false promises thrown at us by consumer culture, it's no wonder that many women never make it beyond that point on the wisdom trail. Doing so requires clear thinking, aligned and focused action, and the support, care, and mentorship of other other women on the path.

What do you mean by "wild," Beth?

The word "wild" as we'll be working with it throughout this course, represents the primal, intuitive, and authentic self that may have been suppressed or overlooked in modern society's constraints and expectations. It encompasses aspects such as creativity, intuition, passion, and connection to nature. Embracing one's wild nature involves reclaiming these innate qualities and living in alignment with them. Reconnecting with our wild nature can bring about profound healing, empowerment, and a deeper sense of purpose.

What happens if I need to miss a call?

Don’t worry, we know that life is full. Missing the occasional call is fine, and call recordings are uploaded to your membership area within 24 hours, and are accessible via mobile app or website, so you can watch (or re-watch) at your convenience.

Am I at the right age and stage for Wild + Wise?

To get the most from this program and contribute the most to the group, you should be nearing or in your 40's (or beyond) and/or at least one of your kids should be middle-school aged or older. But, of course, there are exceptions, and some of us enter the Wild + Wise woman stage earlier than others (for many reasons). Ultimately, you know what's best and what is calling to you. Just know that there will be conversations being had about later stages of motherhood, and if you're here for that - GREAT! You are also at the right age and stage for Wild + Wise if you finally have some space, time, hard-earned wisdom, and a desire to move into the next phase of life with intention and empowerment. The right fit also has a growth mindset, will take your commitment to the experience and the group seriously, and is willing to connect from the heart.

I'd love to join, but I'm introverted, and the video platform intimidates me.

You’re in good company, fellow introvert! Video hasn’t always been comfortable for me either, but the benefits of rich connection have proven way more valuable than the “safety” of staying hidden. Expansion is more likely when we make the brave choice over the more comfortable one (though we're committed to creating a space that feels comfortable, too).

Can I get a refund if I decide to withdraw from the program?

I am committed to making this course a resource that really works for you. If, after the first call, you decide Wild + Wise isn't for you, simply let us know and we will issue you a refund. *Monday, April 8, 2024 is the final day for refunds.

How long will I have access to the course material?

For as long as we offer the course, or at least one year.

The way to maintain one's connection to the wild is to ask yourself what it is that you want. This is the sorting of the seed from the dirt. One of the most important discriminations we can make in this matter is the difference between things that beckon to us and things that call from our souls.

~Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Real Women. Real Transformation.

Woman sitting on top of mountain

"A guide into motherhood that no one else in my life offered. Everything is different, my perspective, my understanding of my past, my hopes for the future!"

- Amber

Drawing of woman with bun in her hair

"Beth is a master facilitator and gifted educator. She's warm but instructive, kind but firm, and thoughtful in everything she says."

- Simone

Woman with glasses, smiling

"Beth leads with incredible wisdom and insight. Her reflections on motherhood and womanhood have made such a big impact on me."

- Katherine

Woman smiling

"I love the way Beth breaks things down to be examined, it's really a gift."

- Jessica

Woman with red lipstick, smiling

"I’m so grateful to Beth, her team and all the women who are a part of this life-changing work."

- Rachael

Drawing of woman holding baby

"It's amazing how a change in perspective can impact your life."

- Julia

Drawing of woman with hand on her hip

"Beth’s honest and well thought-out workshops are full of valuable concepts and tools to help you have a more meaningful and less stressful time in motherhood!"

- Simone

Woman smiling

"I really adore Beth's facilitation style. She leads with her heart. She is not bossy, but instead guides with grace and a subtle, warm power. Her deep commitment to supporting mothers and questioning the status quo around motherhood is undeniable."

- Leonie

Drawing of woman with bun in her hair

"Beth is skilled at giving words to otherwise unspoken cultural norms + expectations that have tremendous impact on our everyday experience of motherhood. She holds space to examine and challenge these influences so that mothers can choose more grounded, meaningful, fulfilling paths for themselves and their families."

- Anonymous

Drawing of woman holding baby

"I’ve felt stuck in a deep rut of despair as I manage four small humans alone as my husband seems to be free to enjoy life. But no more! I am calling back attention and care to myself because I matter too!"

- Melyn

Drawing of woman with hand on her hip

"Beth goes through many of the lies we tell ourselves or let ourselves believe based on what our culture has told us, and then she empowers mothers by giving us permission to tell ourselves we are worthy.

- Caitlyn

Drawing of woman with bun in her hair

"Beth provides a strong, clear, passionate voice for why and how we need to change our belief system and our support system to create a world where mothers are fully valued and supported, where intimacy and authenticity flourish, where real connection, true belonging, and interdependence are the norm."

- Anonymous

What is the new North Star for the second half of your life?